Health & Wellness

A photo grid of four photos showing children doing various yoga poses and holding a stretchy colorful sphere.
Health and Wellness at Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy is based on five principles: body, breath, mind, attention and engagement. Using these principles, students are given space in their school day to push away distractions and focus on being present in their bodies. 

The Ravenswood City School District is proud to partner with Pure Edge, Inc. Through this partnership, students receive health and wellness programs in an effort to improve and enrich their lives. With the Pure Edge Inc. curriculum and research backed by Stanford University, classes cover themes such as physical-emotional connections in the body, breath awareness, and establishing a positive mindset.

The curriculum provides skills that have been shown to minimize stress, lower incidences of bullying and violence, and improve school attendance and academic performance. Programmatic offerings consist of best practices in health and wellness, including yoga based exercises; mindfulness practices; and nutrition education. These programmatic initiatives are designed to equip students with the tools necessary to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.