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Established in August 2001, Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy is a Spanish-English dual language elementary “school of choice” within the Ravenswood City School District. The campus is conveniently located off University Avenue in East Palo Alto near IKEA and the Ravenswood Shopping Center.

Students are welcome from within and outside the Ravenswood City School District. The student body is composed of mostly native Spanish speakers from Mexico. However, there are students from families from fourteen other Spanish-speaking countries and the number of native English-speaking students from diverse backgrounds is increasing. 

Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy gives students the opportunity to become bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural. The school also provides students the opportunity to build high self-esteem, gain deep pride in their cultural heritage, community, school, and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.
The K-5 grade program is currently located at 2033 Pulgas Avenue.


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Spanish - English Instructional Time
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The percentage of instructional time taught in each language for each grade level are:

Spanish | English
  • K - 90% | 10%
  • 1st - 80% | 20%
  • 2nd - 70% | 30%
  • 3rd - 60% | 40%
  • 4th - 50% | 50%
  • 5th - 50% | 50%