Spanish-English Dual Language Immersion Program

As the only Spanish-English dual language immersion school in East Palo Alto and in the Ravenswood City School District, Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy teaches children to speak, read and write in Spanish and English as part of their academic program. Classrooms are composed of both native Spanish and native English-speaking students beginning in transitional kindergarten through the fifth grade, fostering student support of each other in their learning of both languages. 
Students entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade do not need to be bilingual in Spanish and English in order to be successful in the program. Students whose native language is not Spanish or English are also welcome.

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Bilingualism & Biliteracy:
  • Develop high levels of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and English.
  • Prepare students for the continuation of the dual language program in middle and high school.
  • Ability to enroll in advanced placement courses in Spanish language and literature in high school for college credit.
  • Earn the California Seal of Biliteracy in 12th grade.
Academic Excellence:
  • Achieve grade-level or higher academic performance in mathematics, science and social studies.
  • Achieve grade-level or higher academic performance in both Spanish and English language arts upon completion of the 5th grade or sooner.
  • Develop high levels of self-esteem and great pride in their own cultural heritage.
  • Develop a deep appreciation of other cultures and great pride in their own cultural heritage.
  • Cultivate cultural awareness and understanding.

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Our dual language program is based on a 90/10 instructional model. At the transitional, kindergarten and first grade levels, 90% of instruction is in Spanish, and 10% is in English. In the second grade, and in each successive grade through the fifth grade, Spanish instruction is reduced by 10% and English is increased by 10%. By the fifth grade, instruction is 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. 

Students continue their dual language program at the Ravenswood Middle School (RMS), where they receive approximately 25% of their instruction in Spanish (Spanish language arts and social studies) and 75% of their instruction in English.
The language of instruction in non-language subjects, mathematics, science, and Makerspace are taught in Spanish in grades TK through 5. Science lab, physical education, art and health and wellness are taught in English at all grade levels. Music is taught in both Spanish and English.

Card IconBenefits of a Dual Language Education Top of Page

  • Outperformance of peers in English-only programs.
  • For Spanish-only students, more rapid acquisition of English than Spanish-only students enrolled in English-only schools. 
  • Compared to monolingual students, improved performance on tasks calling for divergent thinking and problem solving.
  • Strong development of respect for self, family, school, and community and strong school and family partnerships.
  • Ability to communicate with and assist monolingual Spanish or monolingual English family or community members.
  • Opportunity to take Spanish language and Spanish literature Advanced Placement courses in high school, which are accepted as college credit by most universities.
  • Life enrichment and positive cross-cultural attitudes through exposure and access to numerous Spanish-speaking and English-speaking cultures, in addition to Afro-American and Pacific Island cultures.
  • Better preparation for the global job market, as a second language provides a competitive edge and expanded career opportunities.