After-School Program

The Academies for Learning After School* program serves students in grades TK-8 and are designed around several key beliefs and principles. First and foremost, we believe that all children can reach high standards and that all children can profit from an extended day enrichment program. We regard the health and safety of children as a major priority, and after-school provides a nurturing environment and safe haven for children during critical non-school hours.

The purpose of our program is to extend teaching and learning beyond the school day and beyond the classroom doors and walls. Our program complements supports and enhances daily classroom instruction. The program, while structured, provides staff and students with options. Our program encourages creativity, imagination and flexibility. It focuses on creating educational projects that make learning fun. Students participate in a balance of individual activities, small and large group activities, indoor and outdoor activities, and quiet as well as active play.
After-school activities are designed to:

• Foster emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development
• Teach responsibility, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
• Develop self-esteem and social skills
• Encourage good health and safety practices
• Develop new interests
• Explore the community and the world in which students live
Student Components:
The Academies for Learning After School foster the development of life-long learners by integrating content areas through reading and literature, by providing lessons that accommodate multiple learning and teaching styles, and by supporting teaching and learning through the content areas.

In support of this mission, the Academies for Learning After School recognize a child's individual needs and attributes, understand the need for active involvement, promote cultural sensitivity and awareness, encourage participation, cooperation and creativity expression, and strengthen academic skills.

The Academies for Learning After School is offered Monday through Friday from school dismissal time to 6pm during the school year. Academies for Learning After School staff remain with the students throughout the afternoon program, which includes snacks, homework and/or tutoring assistance, enrichment activities linked to core academic curriculum, recreation, prevention/intervention activities, and clubs.

*The Academies for Learning After School are NOT drop-in programs.